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Nutrition is personal. It’s not about a generic plan. It’s about custom-curated programs that solve your specific issue, whether it’s a new life phase, a medical concern or simply a desire to turnaround habits that don’t serve you. I factor in every aspect of a client’s life when personalizing these programs because how you live is the biggest factor in your success rate.

Together, we got this.

Initial Consultation
Review of Health History
Personalized Goal Setting
Sample Recipes
Unlimited Email and Text Support between Sessions
Customized Meal Plan 

Packages available in 3/6/9 week sessions

Image by Luisa Brimble, Diet, Nutrition, Diet Plans, Health and Wellness, Nutrition by Deborah Malkoff-Cohen.
Nutrition by Deborah Malkoff-Cohen, Custom-Curated Nutrition plans, Guided Nutrition. Registered Dietician Specializing in Fertility, Pre & Post Natal, Diabetic, Weight Loss Nutrition. Nutrition by DMC.

  Can’t Blame it on Covid Anymore

  • Develop a lifestyle change, not just short term solutions

  • Nutrition based on your individual body’s needs

  • Learn how to plan meals with flexibility for living real life 

  • Zero rigidity


  Get Set Up

  • Ideal to activate at least three months prior to conception

  • Optimize the likelihood of conceiving with targeted foods

  • Diet overhaul with fertility focused nutrition and supplementation

  • Coordination with reproductive endocrinologists to get both partners’ bodies prepped and ready for what’s to come


  Baby Mama

  • Customized nutrition during pregnancy to maximize health for both baby and mom

  • Breastfeeding plan that gives moms both the energy and ample supply they need 

  • Healthy ways to mitigate exhaustion

  • Craft a weight loss program, if desired


  Gut Buster

  • Investigative approach to solve unresolved GI issues like constipation, gas, bloating and reflux

  • Use of elimination diet, food records, enzymes and probiotics to discover triggers

  • New diet plan to calm the digestive system and maintain a healthy gut


  Food is Everything

  • Empowering all diabetes including Type 1, Type 2, gestational, PCOS and pre-diabetes

  • Personalized meal plans still allow for carbs!

  • Provide education and information in the newest technology options


  This Really Sucks

  • Custom nutritional profile to accommodate and combat symptoms like weight gain, increased cholesterol, insulin resistance and high blood pressure 

  • Food lists to help alleviate discomforts or prevent annoyances like hot flashes

  • Diets that stave off & reverse the negative effects 

  Judgement Free Zone

  • Treating food related issues caused by Autism, diabetes, allergies, over and under weight issues, celiac & more

  • Use a family approach to make holistic food changes within the entire home

  • Gentle and non stigmatizing approach 

  • Establishing fun and intimate relationships that foster long term healthy lifestyles


  Fired Up

  • Custom analysis of reactive triggers 

  • Elimination diets 

  • Personalized anti inflammatory eating plans to prevent flare ups

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